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Business clients

Legal review - Business clients

Juridisk Atlas cater for small and mid-size companies and our services are based on the reality and issues encountered by the individual company.

Issues that will typically be addressed are e.g.:

  • Ownership and composition of owners and their future plans
  • Corporate form, holding company, ownership structures, etc.
  • Future plans and options, e.g. merger, acquisition or sale of the company
  • Employment issues and contracts
  • Agreements entered into with suppliers and partners
  • The company's clients and distribution channels
  • Properties and leases of the company
  • Environmental issues
  • Intellectual property rights, e.g. trademarks and patents
  • The company’s marketing in a legal perspective

Juridisk Atlas Business may according to agreement include a report containing the issues identified by Juridisk Atlas.

Juridisk Atlas make a review on the basis of the client's information about the current situation and no review is made of concrete documents or examination of the case.


The prices of the services provided by Juridisk Atlas to companies are competitive. The price depends on the size and position of the company. Prices are quoted on request.


At Juridisk Atlas Business we make an assessment before we undertake the task to see if we will take on the case and in connection herewith we examine, amongst others, if there are any legal capacity issues or other issues that prevent us from taking on the case.

Juridisk Atlas cannot be expected to identify every risk and possibility but the purpose is to make an overall general assessment of the legal risk within the areas that Juridisk Atlas operate in concerning the said case. This is carried out on the basis of the information provided at the meeting.


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