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Purchase and sale of homes

Purchase and sale of homes

When you have found the home you have always dreamt of, it is important to have independent advice before you sign the deed.

Remember that the estate agent is paid by the seller and represents the seller. Ensure that you have the attorney’s reservations included in the deed and ask a competent lawyer specialising in the purchase of real estate to read all the documents involved in the sale.

Atlas Ellebye Advokater offers advice in relation to the following:

  • Is the deed reasonable for you?
  • What could be the effect of possible easements?
  • Review of home condition report and electricity report, etc.
  • Review of insurances, including change-of-ownership insurance
  • Choosing insurance

If you are cohabitants you are also offered advice about:

  • Need for extended will governing cohabitants
  • Need for community property agreement
  • Need for life insurance/cross life insurance
  • Preference in pension schemes

Contact one of our lawyers for more information.




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